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Sublingual Allergy Treatment

What Is Sublingual (Under the Tongue) Allergy Treatment?

Sublingual allergy treatment, or sublingual immunotherapy, is a method of allergy treatment whereby allergy medicine is given under the tongue. The process is similar to traditional immunotherapy whereby the body eventually develops resistance to allergens. Sublingual immunotherapy is growing in popularity and is the clear favorite among children because it doesn’t involve the use of needles or injections. Sublingual immunotherapy can be administered to children as young as 18 months of age. Contact us to see if you and your family qualify.

Sublingual Allergy Treatment Schedule

Sublingual allergy drops are administered several times per week. An advantage of sublingual allergy treatment is that it can be administered at home by any adult.

Advantages of Sublingual Allergy Treatment

Generally, this form of allergy treatment is less expensive than immunotherapy by injection for cash paying patients; however, sublingual allergy treatment is not covered by insurance. Another obvious advantage is that sublingual allergy treatment does not require injections which is a big bonus for children. There have been no reported serious or fatal reactions to sublingual allergy treatment.

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