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Austin Allergy Center

Allergy Treatments

We offer a full range of allergy testing and treatment–a much greater range of tests and treatments than your family physician who may simply prescribe medication which would offer short term relief for your allergy symptoms.

Austin Allergies

We Start With Allergy Testing

At the beginning of treatment, our healthcare providers may recommend an Easy Skin Test to Pinpoint Your Specific Allergies.

Advanced Allergy Treatments

Our advanced treatments fall into three general categories of treatment, click on the titles to learn more. You could be allergy-free in just a few weeks!:

  • Allergy Immunotherapy – Traditional advanced immunotherapy.
  • Cluster Allergy Immunotherapy – A speedier variation on traditional advanced immunotherapy.
  • Sublingual Allergy Treatment – Easy & Painless: advanced immunotherapy administered in drops under the tongue.
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